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Member Handouts and Templates

Helping you grow your business.

The following handouts are available for download as PDF files. Don’t see a subject you need? Email us your suggestions at information@apdt.com.

These handouts are for APDT member use. You may print them out and copy them for clients, shelters, rescue groups, community presentations, veterinary visits and more, with the provision that you not alter the text of the handouts or the images in any way. You may add your business contact information and logo in the spaces made available for that purpose on each handout. You may quote from these handouts on your web site, or in articles for publication if you give an attribution to the APDT that states “This was first published by the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, www.apdt.com, 1-800-PET-DOGS.” You may place them on our web site if the same info and a link to our site is included as well.

Image Files for Use on Your Website

You can download the Train Your Dog Month logo and other fun images here for your web sites on the Images page.

PowerPoint Presentations

The ABCs of Dog Training
This is a presentation suitable for a “general” audience of pet owners and others interested in learning about training in a fun, easy-to-digest manner. This is a 4 MB Powerpoint slideshow file.

Introduction to Reward-Based Training
This is a presentation suitable for giving talks at veterinary clinics.This is a 2 MB Powerpoint slideshow file.

Sample Letter to the Editor

Available in PDF Version

Sample Proclamation/Resolution

Available in PDF Version

Sample Press Release - General Event Information

Available in Word version – customize text in red with your own information.

Sample Letter to Veterinarians