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APDT Mentor Program: Shaping Trainers

Are you new to dog training? Do you want to become a certified dog trainer but don’t know how to start? Perhaps you need help understanding LIMA or knowledge on how to run productive group classes? With APDT’s Mentor Program, we connect you with a dog training industry expert who will assist you in achieving your goals! Each mentor is matched with a mentee based on their individual goals and a custom program is created to help drive success!


  1. Is this for beginner or experienced trainers?
    This program is for the novice just starting out to the seasoned trainer looking to upskill or expand and grow their business.
  2. What topics are covered?
    The mentees select the area of interest they want to focus on.
  3. Do we meet with mentors in-person or virtually?
    At this time, the program is virtual; mentors and mentees meet via Zoom. An in-person option may be available at a later date.
  4. How many times do we meet with the mentor?
    The program is designed for 12, one-hour calls. Mentors establish a call schedule with mentees on the first call.
  5. How are mentors assigned?
    Mentees are matched with mentors who best suit the mentees’ needs based on the answers off the applications.
  6. Can mentees elect which mentor they work with?
    Mentees can submit a request to work with specific mentors on their applications. APDT will make every effort to match you with the mentor of your selection.
  7. Can mentees talk with mentors prior to applying?
    Yes, APDT values your investment and offers a 15-minute consultation call with a mentor to determine if the mentor would be a good fit for you. Contact education@apdt.com to schedule a call.
  8. Is there a payment plan available?
    Yes, you can make four payments that can be arranged by contacting APDT directly education@apdt.com or call 800-738-3647 to set up.
  9. Are there scholarships available?
    At this time, APDT does not offer scholarships for this program.
  10. How are mentors selected?
    Mentors are selected through a rigorous selection process to assure mentees receive the best quality instruction and have areas of expertise to meet a variety of needs.
  11. Are CEUs awarded for this program?
    CCPDT and KPA has approved this program for 12 CEUs. For IAABC, you will need to apply individually for CEU approval. You may apply directly with your organization for your own CEUs. Be aware that several organizations exist that offer/require CEUs and their expectations vary, which means that some may qualify and others may not. If CEUs are important to you then we strongly recommend that you confirm eligibility for CEUs BEFORE you register.