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Education FAQs

Certificate Course Related

What is an APDT eLearning course?

APDT Multi-Week Online Courses are designed to provide in-depth education on specific topics. Students will attend weekly lectures, participate in online discussions with fellow classmates, and work on homework assignments. Courses are designed to be challenging and thought provoking, and students who successfully complete the course will walk away with real, tangible, applicable materials and resources that can immediately be applied to their businesses.

Will a Certificate Course certify me as a dog trainer?

APDT is a membership organization dedicated to professionalism and education – we do not certify trainers. Our online certificate courses do not result in certification. They do provide a certificate that proves you successfully completed a course of in-depth study on a particular topic.

Please review the difference between certificates and certification.

Will a Certificate Course make me a dog trainer?

It takes years of education and practice to become a dog trainer. APDT Certificate Courses are designed to provide a variety of levels of education, on a variety of topics, to a variety of students. Some courses are designed for beginners, while others are aimed at veteran trainers. Tips on how to become a trainer.

I am not available for the scheduled lecture time – can I still participate?

Absolutely! All course lectures are recorded for you to watch at your convenience. The listed date and time are only provided if you wish to and are able to join us live. However, it is not required.

I do not live in the US - can I still participate?

Absolutely! APDT eLearning courses occur over the internet. If you can view a YouTube video, you can view our archives – regardless of where you live.

What does it mean to Audit?

The APDT is pleased to offer the option to “audit” our eLearning courses. Think of this as an opportunity to “hang out” in the course, chat with the students, receive all of the educational content….but not be a full student.

This option is ideal for students who:

  • Wish to receive the educational content, but are unable to afford full registration.
  • Want to participate, but are unable to complete assignments and meet deadlines.
  • Are not interested in receiving CEUs.

Students who choose to audit will:

  • Receive full access to the live, recorded, and PDF handout of each weekly lecture.
  • Enjoy full access to and participation in the online student discussion forum.
  • All homework assignments, handouts, and course activities.

So why wouldn’t EVERYONE audit?
Auditing students will NOT receive the following, which full students DO receive:

  • CEUs.
  • The opportunity to submit homework assignments for review by course instructor(s).
  • Personalized feedback and graded homework assignments.
  • A certificate of completion, after successful completion of the course.

CEU Related

How do I request CEUs...

for a 90min recording I already registered for?

For a Certificate Course?
Full students who successful complete a certificate course must request CEUs from education@apdt.com.

About Auditing

Recording Related

Where do I access recordings of….

90 Min Courses I’ve already registered for?

Available recording archives?
Past events have been recorded and archived, for viewing at your convenience.

Can I download a recording and save it on my computer?

eLearning courses are not available for download to save on your computer. APDT is committed to protecting the copy-written material that was created by eLearning course presenters, AND unrestricted downloadability allows unlimited sharing of protected information.

Fear of Technology?

What are the computer requirements needed to watch a recording?

Your web browser must have Flash installed. iPhones and iPads do not support flash, and therefore cannot play the recordings. Almost all other computer platforms, devices, and web browsers worldwide support Flash and will be able to play the recording.

What are the computer requirements to join a live Certificate Course lecture?