The Instructor Training Course: Teaching & Training w/Caolyn Barney

ITC: Teaching & Training focuses on classroom teaching, evaluating and exploring different training techniques and hands-on dog training skills. You get assigned a shelter dog(s) for the week! The goal is to better understand how to teach the individual dog and owner, increase effectiveness, improve skills and bring fun and enthusiasm to classes and private lessons. We recently updated our format and love it!
• Smaller classes, only 12 full-time students.
• Twice as many shelter dogs! Each student will have the opportunity to train two dogs.
• More classroom hours. This professional course is designed to improve your effectiveness as an instructor.

Whether you are just starting out, re-thinking your teaching methods, want to be the best teacher you can be, or need a shot of enthusiasm…this innovative continuing education program is for you. It will provide you with knowledge and skills critical for success and help you to develop your own unique style to create fun, motivating classes. ITC: Teaching & Training is designed for all levels of experience. We support each student without the pressure of testing or completion requirements. The curriculum is designed to improve your competency as an instructor and is applicable to all types of instructing. Subjects covered and hands-on learning may include:
• Classroom Management
• Student Personalities, How to Teach and Work with ALL People • How Dogs Learn (Canine Learning and Behavior)
• Reading Stress in Dogs
• Understanding and Evaluating Training Techniques • Equipment Options • Evaluating Canine Temperament
• Evaluating Dogs for Safety and Adoption
• Getting Behavior to Happen – shaping, luring, fading food etc..
• Skills Acquisition
• Training Your Shelter Dog
• Working with Multiple Shelter Dogs
• Practice Teaching to Other ITC Students and Their Dogs
• Dog to Dog Interactions
• Shelter Dog Classes
• Group Presentations CEUs approval is pending for the 2017 Teaching and Training Course from IAABC, CCPDT, NACSW and KPA.


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September 18, 2017

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September 24, 2017

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