Fantastic Beasts and How to Train Them with Ken McCort

Explore training techniques with a variety of species, beginning with guinea pigs. For this three day seminar, participants will focus on learning and training together while working with an eclectic assortment of animals. Seminar participants will work with small mammals to practice and explore training methods. Participants will have opportunity to interact with the wolves, lure train with the foxes, and more! In the classroom, participants will discuss reading social cues among various species, exchange training advice, and explore other subjects regarding the extensive world of animal training. As always, meeting the wolves face-to-face is a welcome opportunity at Wolf Park seminars. This seminar is recommended for the semi-advanced trainer, especially those interested in McCort’s Advanced Training Seminars. Beginner trainers or young trainers are also welcome. Participants under eighteen will not be able to visit wolves but will receive extra time with the foxes. For participants interested in learning more about Wolf Park, the staff will offer a special session the day before. Sign up to arrive at 2:00pm Thursday, March 30th, for a staff-led tour of the park which will include a detailed history of the park. Following that, the staff will conduct the mandatory safe animal handling presentation a day early. Then join the staff for dinner at a local restaurant and receive a perfect opportunity to question some of the experts in the wolf world. On Friday, during the scheduled handling presentation, those who have already seen the talk will receive extra animal time instead. The seminar will be conducted over three full days. The program will begin at 8:30 each morning and continue until 5:00pm. Participants are invited to attend Saturday’s Howl Night and early morning wolf observation time. Each participant will receive a personalized folder full of information about the park. Breakfast and lunch are provided as is Friday dinner. Sign up today for an event you will never forget!


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March 31, 2017

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April 2, 2017

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