Dogs Free Ranging and Stray – A Unique Online Course

Did you know there are about 750 millions free-ranging dogs around the planet? Indeed, free-ranging dogs are extensively
 distributed around the world, and scientists 
are increasingly directing their attention to free-ranging dogs: they represent a critical field of observation where human dog interaction can reveal essential understanding about dog behaviour, human behaviour and society.

That is essential knowledge. It can be used by every dog parent, by those who interact with dogs at any level, by those who travel in areas where free-ranging stray dogs are present, in dog training, dog behaviour consultancy, or by other dog professionals.
This course is particularly indicated for professional dogs trainers and behaviour consultants. Thus we have created this special opportunity for members of the APDT, with a special and ongoing access. Once you have enrolled you can complete the program at your own pace. The program consists of about 4 hours video lectures and supplemental materials.
You will learn some interesting aspects of dogs, and that can improve your interaction with dogs at home, in shelters, or every other dog contexts, boosting further your professional skills.

The course is also suitable for those who are involved in animal welfare, for it offers a perspective enhancing the value of dogs. Every dog has a specific personality. Every dog may display an individual behaviour. Every dog is unique even in the large context of free-ranging dogs.

Free-ranging dogs are at the core of this course, for they represent the quintessential dogs. With their diversity in behaviour, lifestyle, personality, the contexts in which they live and situations to which they are exposed, free-ranging dogs provide so many angles about human-dog interaction, societies, ecology, economy, human-dog collide, domestication and parallel evolution, and much more.

So, also if you have a dog at home, you family member dog, this course can teach you a lot about your relationship with your dog.

Ultimately, this course is unique.
No other courses are addressing this specific aspect of dogs and gathering this valuable information.

How does it sound? Are you interested?
Just enrol!

What students are saying:
– 5 Stars Review: “Marco Adda es un excelente profesor. Este es mi segundo curso con él y es fácil de seguir, de comprender, y es muy metódico con los temas. Muy recomendado.” Laura Paola Rivera Ortega
– 5 Stars Review: “Calmamente estou a aprender coisas novas sobre estes nossos amigos… muito bom!” Isabel Foguete
– 5 Stars Review: Catirose Petrone


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July 1, 2019

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