COVID-19 Pivoting in a Pandemic

We are all dealing with unprecedented challenges with our professional businesses in relation to COVID19. How are dog trainers pivoting to meet their financial needs, the needs of their students, and the dogs we work with? What is the effect on breeders and rescuers and the dogs they have in their care? What are some new behaviors (good and bad) rearing in our pet dogs during social isolation? How are owners pivoting if they have lost their jobs or are suddenly working from home? There are some predictions we can make and be ready for when all of this is over, but so much of this remains unknowable. Melissa will present on some obvious implications of the pandemic and address some unusual findings in how human behavior and canine behaviors are affected by the new abnormal.


Starts On

June 5, 2020 - 12:00 am

Ends On

December 31, 2021 - 12:00 am