Assessing Aggression Thresholds in Dogs with Sue Sternberg & Nicole Siegel, CBCC, CPDT-KA

Sue Sternberg has been developing and refining assessment techniques for decades to help shelter workers, animal care professionals and trainers determine the likelihood that a dog will engage in aggressive behaviors. Assessing Aggression Thresholds in Dogs includes Sue’s newest protocols based on the theory that sociability is the key predictor of a dog’s potential for aggression. The seminar includes looking at sociability and aggression, stranger-directed aggression, resource guarding aggression thresholds, common behavioral symptoms of resource guarding, aggression thresholds towards children, and attributes of a successful dog owner when the dog has low thresholds.

This Seminar, focusing on canine body language and assessing aggression thresholds is suited to Rescue Organizations, Shelter Staff, Animal Care Professionals, Animal Protection Officers, Trainers, Dog Enthusiasts and Anyone Interested in Canine Behaviour!

8 CEUs available for CPDTs, 8 CEUs for CBCCs and 16 CEUs for IAABCs


Starts On

August 19, 2017

Ends On

August 20, 2017




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