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Member Ambassadors

Member Ambassadors Committee History

The APDT is continually growing, and as a new member, it can be overwhelming to become a part of the largest dog trainer’s association in the world.  There are so many benefits to membership, available resources and learning opportunities that a new member could feel lost. This where the Member Ambassador Program comes in! Each state and several countries have a Member Ambassador who personally emails every new member in their area to welcome them to the organization. Member Ambassadors not only extend a personal welcome, but also helpful tips for finding the many benefits of membership and an offer of personal help in navigating the association. Many Ambassadors even offer to meet with new members to network and put a human face on the organization.

Our Member Ambassadors are volunteers, and their work is both helpful to new members and satisfying to the Member Ambassadors. If you are interested in becoming a Member Ambassador please contact our Member Ambassadors Coordinator, Heidi Dixner, at heidi@redrovercomeover.com.


APDT Member Ambassadors

US Region – West

Alaska: Anneliese Tschannen

California (Northern): Caryl Wolff

California (Southern): Caryl Wolff

Colorado: Susan Brown

Hawaii: Lisa Giesick

Montana: Mariah Scheskie

Nevada: Jennifer Dekker-Davidson

Oregon: Elizabeth Williams

Wyoming: Michaela McKay

US Region – Southwest

Arizona: Andy Luper

New Mexico: Tamra Temple

Oklahoma: Khara Schuetzner

US Region – Midwest

Illinois: Lisa Bonam

Indiana: Jane Page

Wisconsin: Jean Jahnke

Minnesota: Sara Reusche

North Dakota: Tiffany Christensen

US Region – Southeast

South Carolina: Jennifer Decarranza

Tennessee: Heidi Dixner

Mississippi: Lauren Parks

Florida: P.J. Lacette

Georgia: Stone Harrington

West Virginia: Robin Ash

Virginia: Robin Bennett

Arkansas: Mary A Gilbreth

North Carolina: Barbara Long

US Region – Northeast

Maine: Royan Bartley

Massachusetts: Carol Davis

New Hampshire: Erica Marshall

New York: Cameo Perry

New York (Upstate): Gail Furst

Pennsylvania: Marion O’Neil

Connecticut: Betsy Schwartz

International Ambassadors

Argentina: Natalia Olaughlin

Switzerland: Doris Vaterlaus

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