Animal Behavior College and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers form Strategic Alliance to Build Better Trainers

January 7th, 2019



Animal Behavior College and the Association of Professional Dog Trainers form Strategic Alliance to Build Better Trainers

Santa Clarita, Calif., December 20, 2018 – To reinforce its commitment to educating and developing high-quality dog trainers who use positive reinforcement methods, Animal Behavior College (ABC) www.AnimalBehaviorCollege.com today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) www.apdt.com. The collaboration will allow both organizations to leverage their unique strengths to develop better trainers and enhance the integrity of the profession. The alliance is effective immediately.

“This collaboration with APDT will help Animal Behavior College to continue providing students and graduates with the most relevant dog trainer education and resources available,” said Steven Appelbaum, president and CEO of Animal Behavior College. “Our goal is to educate our graduates about the vibrant community of dog trainers that exists outside of our school and to assist all parties in building relationships with each other.”

“Too often, people view the [dog training] industry as segregated and comprised of varying opinions and training methods,” said Megan Stanley, Chair of APDT. “To further our reach and strengthen our messaging, the best way to do this is by developing strategic alliances [such as with ABC] to accomplish shared goals. We believe in inclusion and leading by example, which demonstrates the powerful impact of collaboration. This, in turn, helps to advance and further professionalize dog training.”

There is currently no education or training requirements in place to become a professional dog trainer. However, the lack of industry regulation and controversial training methods has sparked much debate within the profession. To keep dogs safe from injurious training methods, ABC, APDT and other organizations have adopted and advocate the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) philosophy. The objective is to educate and create better trainers who use positive problem-solving strategies to meet their training goals. By focusing on professional development, these organizations believe it will enhance the performance standards of dog trainers in the industry.

“Our combined efforts will have a positive ripple effect. It means better educated and more qualified dog trainers whose expertise will benefit owners, their relationships with their pets and their pets’ well-being,” Mr. Appelbaum said.

Through the alliance, ABC and APDT will support co-branding efforts on industry-related topics, and in press releases, websites, trade show booths, etc. Each organization will share educational material and publish articles in each others’ newsletters and magazines.

For more information about APDT call 1-800-Pet-Dogs (800-738-3647) or visit www.APDT.com/. For more information about ABC, call 800-795-3294 or visit www.AnimalBehaviorCollege.com.

About the Association of Professional Dog Trainers

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, was founded in 1993 to be an inclusive forum for trainers to network with each other, provide educational opportunities, and grow the profession. Currently, the APDT reaches more than 5,200 members in 48 countries worldwide and is actively involved in ethics issues, business management, research, and continuing education in the professional dog training profession and pet industry.


About Animal Behavior College

Now celebrating its 20th Anniversary, Animal Behavior College is a vocational school that trains professional dog trainers, cat trainers, veterinary assistants and pet groomers nationwide and in the 10 provinces of Canada. To date, ABC has graduated and certified more than 27,000 students from its four core programs combined including dog training, cat training, pet grooming and veterinary assisting. Students gain practical hands-on experience applying what they learn by working side-by-side with a member of ABC’s expert mentors group. These professional mentors include thousands of professional dog trainers, veterinary hospitals and clinics and grooming salons from all across the U.S. and Canada who are dedicated to helping students succeed in the pet services industry.

Angela Peña, Director of Public Relations

Animal Behavior College




Mandy Roberts, Marketing, Communications and Project Manager

Association of Professional Dog Trainers