Suzanne Clothier: The Enriched Puppy Protocol: Raising Confident, Coordinated & Competent Canines

The Enriched Puppy Protocol: Raising Confident, Coordinated & Competent Canines was developed by breeder and trainer Suzanne Clothier to help breeders maximize each puppy’s genetic potential. EPP provides a detailed roadmap for raising puppies who are physically, mentally and emotionally balanced, and ready to take on life. Covered: More than milk: how your bitch provides important emotional & mental lessons Building your puppies’ “Reference Library” “I think I can…” Creating age and skill appropriate challenges Developing self control and resilience in puppies Brilliant on a budget – using your resources wisely One-by-one – the important of individuation Countdown to 63 days – the EPP timeline Early canine development researchers Fuller & Scott noted that the developmental changes that occur in the dog during this period actually eclipse the transformation from tadpole to frog! The EPP focus is on the first 9 weeks of life, where the developmental changes are profound. What happens in these weeks will have a profound, permanent effect on each dog. For breeders ready to really help their breeding program shine, EPP provides a detailed approach that has been put to the test since 2008 with thousands of puppies in major guide dog schools, service dog organizations and private breeders. The EPP program has dramatically changed the rearing practices at Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Southeastern Guide Dogs, Guide Dogs of America, and Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation – collectively representing more than a thousand puppies per year. While well grounded in science and current research, EPP is a hands-on, practical program that reflects Clothier’s 30+ years as a German Shepherd breeder. She knows what it takes to raise a litter properly. She provides useful information on balancing other life demands with the lightning fast development schedule of growing pups, and how to prioritize when resources are limited. EPP is not for everyone. It takes time, effort and dedication to raise an Enriched Puppy. But the results are simply amazing. Come learn how to make your genetics really shine, and how to prepare your puppies to take on life with confidence and verve!


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May 10, 2017

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